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3 Renditions of the Notice of Proposed Rule Making (NPRM) from the U.S. Access Board (ATBCB)

For your convenience, we have put three versions of the NPRM onto the web for you here.

  1. Access Board NPRM -- This is the original copy, which is identical to the one you'll find at the Access Board's site.
  2. The rules only -- This is an excerpt from the NPRM which just gives the rules, without any explanation or text.
  3. The rules with all comments specific to each rule arranged below it. What we've done here is to take the rules and then place any analysis or appendix material specific to that rule indented beneath it.  You will first find the rule.  You'll then find the analysis material (from the "Analysis Section-by-Section") directly underneath the rule. Then, if there was additional information in the Appendix related to the rule, you will find it located immediately below the analysis, indented one level further and in green.
  4. In this third document, we have color coded the analysis and the appendix material so that it is easy to visually identify it.  For those using screen readers, the analysis and appendix materials are also labelled at both their start and end points.

    We've also provided links between each rule so that you can easily navigate from rule to rule without having to go through the analysis and appendix material.