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Making Information / Transaction Machines (ITMs) Accessible

Final Report, Spring 2000

A Project of the Trace Research and Development Center at the University of Wisconsin - Madison for the US Access Board (ATBCB)


The Access Board and others involved in the disability access area were receiving requests for information on how to make a class of devices herein referred to ITMs (Information/Transaction Machines) accessible. This class of devices includes such things as ATMs, ticket vending machines, computer kiosks, electronic building directories, fare machines, etc. The Access Board sponsored this project at the Trace Center to produce more practical background and design information on creating accessible ITMs.

The approach taken by this project consists of basically four strategies:

  1. Gathering all of the known information which would be helpful to people interested in learning about or carrying out accessible designs for ITMs;
  2. Synthesizing this information and combining it with input from industry, consumers and researchers to create useful reference and design materials;
  3. Creating actual design concepts / Level 1 prototypes which show how the strategies can be incorporated into practical, effective ITM designs; and
  4. ensuring designs are effective and practical through user testing and feedback from companies involved in the development of ITMs.


Results of this project are presented below under the following headings:

1. Knowledge compilation concerning the accessibility of ITMs

This section includes materials that have been collected and / or created over the course of the project. This section is intended to provide a background of the issues and scope of making ITMs accessible.

2. Legislation, regulations, standards and guidelines concerning the accessibility of ITMs

The four countries which have country-specific guidelines which relate directly to the accessibility of ITMs are listed here, along with links to source documents.

3. Recommended Guidelines for ITMs from this Project

4. Prototype ITM designs

As a means to demonstrate how accessibility techniques could be practically applied to ITMs, these prototypes served as an 'exploration ground'. Some of the prototypes are currently paper-based, and some were actual working devices.

Overview of Prototype ITM designs

5. Resources

  1. Live bibliography of materials related to ITM access
  2. Trace Center papers related to ITM access
  3. Product Design Ideas Browser

6. Mechanisms for ongoing dialog

Hands-on reviews of these technologies were arranged for the following conferences/organizations.

This project was conducted by the Trace Research and Development Center, with funding from the US Access Board (ATBCB) and the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research (NIDRR), grant number H133E980008, U.S. Department of Education. The opinions contained herein are those of the grantee and do not necessarily reflect those of the US Access Board or the Department of Education.

© Copyright 2000, Trace Center, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA.