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Java Accessibility and Usability Work

Java Accessibility Development in Industry

  1. Sun Java Accessibility API
  2. Microsoft Active Accessibility for Java
  3. Comspec -- A EU TIDE project targeting disabled users, their facilitators and developers in the rehabilitation industry. One goal of the project is to create a set of tools that facilitators can use to make personal communication aids for disabled users without programming.
  4. IBM Java Accessibility Work

The Java Accessibility Projects at Trace

  1. Cooperative Java Compatibility Effort Table(s)  -- Looking at the differences between Microsoft's and Sun's approaches to Java Accessibility.
  2. Cooperative Java Compatibility Effort Recommendations -- Recommendations for a middle ground between the two solutions.
  3. Java Accessibility Preliminary Examination
  4. Presentation made at the California State University Northridge (CSUN) Conference, March 1998.

Java Application Accessibility Examples

Please download the instructions (readme.txt) on how to setup your environment for running these examples. Also for a short description of what each example is about, read the text file with the same name as the Java source file.

  1. (download)
  2. (download)
  3. (download)
  4. (download)
  5. (download)

Java Applet Accessibility Examples

  1. Freezing marquee text

Java Resources