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Computer Access

This page contains information resulting from the Trace Center's extensive past work on design of more accessible computers and software, including guidelines, standards, operating system accessibility features, and information resources developed by Trace staff.

Please Note: This section of our website has not been updated since 2001. A revision is underway.

This page is organized as an outline with four major topic areas. The first major area, Computer and Software Developers, has four subtopics; the second major area, Computer Access Program at Trace, has six subtopics; and the third major area, Software Toolkits, contains the history of, an outline of, and links to each of the five operating system related toolkits. The fourth area includes a listing of Other Computer Access Resources that are also relevant to computer access research.

1. Computer and Software Developers

2. Computer Access Program at Trace

3. Software Toolkits (Freeware/Shareware)

4. Other Computer Access Resources