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Follow the links below to resources and tools developed by the Trace Center. If you have questions about any of these, don't hesitate to contact us.

Quick Information

The following are lists of websites related to some general topic areas that Trace Center staff have found particularly useful. The resources listed contain links to many other excellent sites.

Accessibility / Universal Design Information Links
A list of programs whose websites have information on accessible design or universal design of standard information technology and telecommunications products.
Assistive Technology Information Links
A compilation of resources about assistive technology, including product databases, training courses, research and development centers, and AT-related organizations and conferences.
Disability Information Links
A list of general resources about disability, including national disability organizations, and resources for disability demographics and statistics.
Government Resources for Regulatory Information Links
A list of websites providing information on regulatory or other U.S. government activities related to information technology and telecommunications.
Web Accessibility Information Links
A compilation of resources about Web accessibility, including guidelines, reference materials, accessibility tools, training courses and materials, general resources, and commercial initiatives.

Note: Key links to other websites doing work specifically related to Trace Center projects are listed on many project pages. See Projects and Programs.

Resources and Tools from the Trace Center

Small image of Section 508 title page.

The Access Board's draft 508 and 255 regulations on accessible information and communication technology are presented for easy review and online discussion, along with related reports and Trace's expert analysis and commentary.

Emerging Technology Overview icon.

Emerging Technology Overview

A selection of emerging information and communications technologies (ICT) intended to provide a sense of how future ICT could impact disability access research, development, and policy.

EZ Access icon.

EZ Access®

A set of interface techniques which can be applied by product developers to electronic products and devices so that they can be used by more people including those with disabilities. (Must be licensed; demonstration kit available for sale.)

PEAT program screen image.

Photosensitive Epilepsy Analysis Tool (PEAT)

A downloadable program to help web developers identify potentially seizure-inducing material. (Also see the accompanying basic information about photosensitive seizure disorders.)

TUSK kit open to show contents.

Trace Usability Screening Kit (TUSK)

No Longer Available - This kit contains equipment and information to enable product design teams to screen out many accessibility and usability problems in their ICT products.

Man sitting at computer screen.

Video Series on Web Accessibility

Three instructional videos, including: Introduction to the Screen Reader, Screen Readers and the Web, and Screen Magnification and the Web.

Developer Tools from the Trace Center

Home RTT-ATA Gateway
A PSTN-to-VoIP transcoding gateway prototype and reference design that supports real-time text, for use in a home or small business situation where some or all of the phones or terminal devices are analog (would work on the PSTN) while other phones or the connection to the outside world is VoIP.
T-Hybrid Text Transcoding Gateway
SIP-based, real-time text to PSTN text phone (TTY) transcoder, developed collaboratively with Omnitor AB (Sweden).
Universal Remote Console Tools and Prototypes
Tools and prototype implementations of the Universal Remote Console framework (disseminated through the URC Consortium).