Problems with ATMs

The chart is an ten by ten entry grid. One axis is labeled with ten possible problems people might encounter in using a phone. The other axis is labeled with ten different disabilities that will have some degree of difficulty accessing an ATM. You can choose to view the chart by disability or by problem.

There are three levels of difficulty that someone might experience in accessing an ATM:

  1. Few problems
  2. Some problems
  3. Many problems
It is noted where technology is available to alleviate the problem.

View the table by disability.
  1. Wheelchair user
  2. Cannot walk without aid
  3. Cannot use fingers
  4. Cannot use one arm
  5. Reduced strength
  6. Reduced co-ordination
  7. Dyslexia
  8. Intellectually impaired
  9. Blind
  10. Low vision.

View the table by function.

  1. Locate ATM
  2. Access to ATM
  3. Read Instructions
  4. Insert card
  5. Read screen
  6. Use keyboard
  7. Use touchscreen
  8. Retrieve money
  9. Read receipt
  10. Retrieve card

By disability

By function
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