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Access Board's EITAAC Work Space

This workspace is being maintained by the Trace Center RERC in support of the Access Board's Electronic Information Technology Access Advisory (EITAAC) Committee. It consists of working documents, scratch work and reference materials created or used by the committee. If you are aware of other issues, topics or resource materials that would be of interest to the committee, drop a note to the committee chair, Dr. Larry Scadden.


EITAAC Final Report

EITAAC Archive

Listserv Archive of online discussions of the committee

Committee Reports

Other reference and resource guidelines

  1. Master Compilation - Guidelines and Strategies Browser
  2. Department of Justice Section 508 Home Page
  3. Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0
  4. WAI User Agent Guidelines
  5. Portugal's guidelines for Web access
  6. Making Information / Transaction Machines (ITMs) Accessible
  7. Guidelines for the design of consumer products to increase their accessibility to persons with disabilities or who are aging - Trace
  8. Consumer-Electronic Product Design Guidelines - EIA
  9. Application Software Design Guidelines (one-piece downloadable version)
  10. Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act
  11. TAAC Final Report
  12. Access Board Accessibility Guidelines
  13. ADAAG
  14. Microsoft Design Guidelines
  15. Checklist of Accessibility Design Guidelines - Microsoft
  16. The Microsoft Windows Guidelines for Accessible Software Design: Creating Applications That are Usable by People with Disabilities. May 7, 1997
  17. IBM Guidelines for Writing Accessible Applications Using 100% Pure Java, version 1.1.
  18. IBM Software Accessibility
  19. IBM Web Authoring Checklist
  20. IBM Hardware Accessibility
  21. IBM Lotus Notes Accessibility
  22. Towards Accessible Human-Computer Interaction
  23. Sun Accessibility Quick Reference Guide
  24. Microsoft Checklist of Accessibility Design Guidelines
  25. Microsoft For Developers, Writers and Designers
  26. Center for Information Technology Accommodation (CITA)
  27. U.S. Department of Education, World Wide Web Policy and Procedures
  28. Department of Education Software Guidelines
  29. World Wide Web Federal Consortium, World Wide Web Home Page, Guidelines and Best Practices, Revised - November 1996
  30. Accessibility Guidelines Implementation Project - HTML Writers Guild
  31. Blind or Visually Impaired. A Report to the 75th Texas Legislature from the Texas Education Agency
  32. Guidelines for the Design of Screen and Web Phones to be Accessible by Visually Disabled Persons
  33. Nordic Guidelines for Computer Accessibility
  34. Computer- & screen-based interfaces: Universal design filter