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Windows 95/98/ME/2000 Software Toolkit

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Visual Cursor Enhancers

ATEC "Huge" Mouse Pointers

The ATEC "Huge" Mouse Pointers are designed as maximum-visibility alternatives to the regular Windows 95 (and Windows 3.1 with Microsoft IntelliPoint) mouse pointers.

Meta-Mouse 2.01

Meta-Mouse 2.01 is a program for Windows 95 whose purpose is to improve the visibility of the mouse cursor. This is accomplished in several ways: (1) The cursor can be made to blink on and off, (2) The cursor can be made much larger, displaying either a large black arrow with a white border, a large white arrow with a black border, a large inverse-color arrow, or numerous others, (3) The cursor can be made to change its shape dynamically (see the "Ultra-High Visibility" option), and (4) The normally "white" part of the cursor can be changed to one of several other colors, including dynamic color cycling. Shareware ($21 + S/H). See for a 30-day free trial version (fully functional).

ToggleMOUSE 4.5

An integrated, all-in-one cursor utility featuring animated cursors and productivity features combined with an elegant and intuitive user interface. With ToggleMOUSE you can replace the standard Windows cursors with selections from our library of cursors. ToggleMOUSE also offers great productivity features, including the innovative new QUICKSCROLL. QUICKSCROLL allows the user to scroll in their favorite Windows application, both vertically and horizontally, by simply moving the mouse! There is also a QUICKPOINT feature to navigate dialog boxes, SCREENWRAP for trackball users and ACTIMOUSE for X-Windows style application selection. You can also assign handy functions to unused mouse buttons and keyboard keys and the new KeyMOUSE feature will let you control the cursor even with no mouse attached to the system. Shareware ($19.95). See

Windows Alternative Mouse Pointers

Designed for both laptop and low vision users, the alternative mouse pointers bring back the ever popular (and often requested) Windows black pointer set (the standard Windows pointers colored black as opposed to white) and the new inverted pointers in an effort to make the mouse pointer more visible.

The inverted set must be seen to be appreciated - they "invert" over the background. So, if your background is purple, your pointer is green; over a blue background the pointer turns yellow; over red the pointer is cyan. Both styles, black and inverted, come in standard, large and extra large sizes. See

Mouse Enhancers


This program was originally designed to simply add the unsupported cursor wrap capabilities to Windows NT. However, it now works on all brands of Windows - 95, 95 OSR2, 98 as well as NT. You can turn the wrapping function on and off without having to access the control panel. You do so from a popup menu from a system tray icon. Shareware ($4.93)See


A Windows utility that eliminates the need for clicking. This program could be beneficial for anyone who suffers from repetitive strain injury or who has difficulty using their hands. Autoclik supports both left and right mouse buttons and six different button configurations are allowed with two different modes of operation supported. Preferences can be set such as dwell times and menu location. The Control Menu is used as an entry point for all options. Shareware ($40).


Use a joystick or gamepad instead of a mouse. Freeware. See

JoyMouse 4.2

Use a joystick instead of a mouse. Allows anolog (elongation angle) or digital (elongation time) based speed models s. Made for use with joysticks up to 4 buttons. For RSI patients, ... Helps you to use Windows without mouse - or additional to a built-in mouse device - or if you need your com-port for something else - or if your system's somewhere, where you can't use a mouse. Shareware ($20).


KeyMouse provides movement of the Windows cursor in any of eight directions using either of the two KeyMouse keysets. The Windows cursor is moved in the direction corresponding to the 'arrow' cursor keys and diagonally with the 'Home', 'End', 'Page Up' and 'Page Down' keys. The 'Insert' ('Ins') and 'Delete' ('Del') keys behave as the left and right mouse buttons respectively. Shareware ($20.00). See

MouseKeys Plus 0.5

MouseKeys Plus is intended to allow laptop computer users to remap the MouseKeys directional and control keys from the Numeric Keypad to the Cursor Keypad, thus making it easier to use MouseKeys with laptop computers. Please read the help file named mkplus.txt. Freeware.

MouseTool 3.1

Clicks the mouse for you, eliminating wrist strain and pain caused by using a mouse. Designed by a programmer with tendonitis for people with wrist pain. MouseTool works with any mouse in any application. Registration ($19.95). See

Mouse Wrapper 95 1.0

This simple program will wrap the mouse cursor around the screen getting the cursor where you want it faster and easier. Shareware ($5).

Noisy Mouse

Noisy Mouse is a simple program that adds separate sounds to right, left, and middle mouse button actions. It adds the three selections to the Windows Sounds properties, allowing you to use the native Control Panel applet to assign any of the three files included, or any .wav file your prefer. Freeware. See

Ysmouse 2.01

Wraps the mouse cursor around the screen - if you go off the right side of the screen, the mouse cursor will reappear on the left side of the screen at the same height as it went off. This goes for all sides of the screen. YSmouse can be set up to run in the background or can be shown in the SystemTray. Shareware ($5).


ToggleQUICKPOINT saves a lot of mouse movement by finding the default button whenever a dialog box appears. It even adapts to the way you work and the software you use. Shareware ($9.95). See


VPTimeClick emulates all click-related functions of a mouse just by dwelling over an item. This convenient tool relieves your hand from clicking while you work throughout the operating system and within all applications. Shareware.



New software is available now, at low cost, to enable people with poor eyesight to comfortably use personal computers running Microsoft Windows. Compatible with Windows, versions 3.1 and 3.11 and with Windows 95, this utility increases the screen images by any amount the user selects, from 1X to 10X. Big-W is not limited to English language users; it functions equally well in all language editions of Microsoft Windows. Big-W is suitable for PC users throughout the world. Shareware ($39.95 + S/H). See


A quick one-touch pixel magnifier program. Drag the rectangular or round lens around to get a close-up of your bitmaps. It even has a reticule to count pixels. Now with hot-key support, a bigger lens option, and a large arrow cursor. Shareware ($15). See


The Lens - magnifying glass is a graphic tool for viewing the screen area in different zooms (magnify from 1x to 64x). Freeware. See (under freeware)

Lupa 0.99

Magnifying glass with a twist. You can expand its area, change magnification from 0.1 to 16 times and it works on top of other applications even if not active. Freeware. See


MagMouse is a mouse magnifier with an integrated keyboard interface that allows users to quickly zoom in to magnify text, view images or edit graphics. Shareware.

Microsoft Magnifier 1.0

Originally included as an example Windows 95 compatible screen magnifier with their Active Accessibility Software Developers Kit (SDK), Microsoft Magnifier is now included in Windows 98. Please see the Microsoft Enable web site for more information. See


Simple tool that magnifies the area around the mouse cursor. ($12.50). See

Vision Screen Driver

Vision for Windows software provides a magnified view of the entire Windows desktop & applications, similar to viewing the screen though a large magnifying glass, providing enhanced accessibility for blind & partially sighted users. Vision for Windows is suitable for use with Microsoft Windows 95 & Windows 98. Freeware for private use. See

Screen Loupe v4.6

Screen Loupe displays a magnified view (2x, 4x, or 8x) of whatever is beneath the mouse cursor, much like a jeweler's or printer's loupe. The contents of the Screen Loupe window can be copied into another program, so you can use Screen Loupe to capture part of the screen. You can also use it to magnify small print or detailed graphics without having to use your application's zoom command. As if the magnification feature wasn't useful enough, Screen Loupe also has horizontal and vertical ruler windows that can float anywhere on your desktop, an ASCII/ANSI chart that lets you copy characters to the Clipboard, a system information window, plus a chart of Microsoft Windows error codes. Freeware. See

The Magnifier

The Magnifier is a Screen Magnifier for Windows 3.x, Windows 95, and Windows NT. The software supports 2 times through 10 times magnification, may be sized as needed or positioned anywhere on screen, and has several features such as Auto-Position that make it a powerful and useful utility! Shareware ($29.95). See


Zoom+ is a general screen magnification tool. It can magnify any portion of the
screen by up to 32 times. Shareware. See

Zoomer 2.0

Magnify the area around your cursor with Zoomer. Launch this freeware 32-bit utility, and you'll see a small window where the area around your mouse cursor is enlarged two or four times. The Zoomer window can be moved, resized, or set to occupy the top 1/8th of the screen (like a system toolbar). Two different refresh rates are supported. Zoomer was originally developed for visually impaired people, but graphic artists, Web page designers, and software developers could find it useful as well. Requires Windows 95. (This update adds two new indicator types.) Freeware. See


ZoomPower for Windows 95/98 is a $25 shareware magnifier. With help of The Screen Magnifiers Homepage, Dave Eisler redesigned the magnifier utility that comes with ZoomTools to a new utility specially designed to solve the needs of sight impaired people. Most freeware and shareware magnifier utilities have only a small magnified area around the mouse cursor. ZoomPower provides a large magnified view. Nearly the entire screen can be magnified and also the mouse cursor itself is magnified. You can move the magnified view by moving the mouse or by using your keyboard. You can increase and decrease the level of magnification by pressing a hotkey combination.

You can download a free 30 days trial version from The Screen Magnifiers Homepage (

Other Magnification Information

On-Screen Keyboards

FITALY One-Finger Keyboard

The FITALY One-Finger Keyboard for Windows is a stand-alone utility usable as an ergonomic replacement for the Microsoft On-Screen Keyboard. The FITALY key arrangement minimizes pen travel: 84% of the text-entry keystrokes are placed in a very tight pattern, with the remaining keystrokes never more than two keys away. In addition, each key is placed near the keys most likely to follow it in English text. The effect is to minimize pen travel. In addition, the layout practically eliminates hand movement when typing text. Shareware ($39). See

MousePad 1.0

MousePad was created to be used by those who choose not to or are unable to use the standard keyboard for console entry into Windows applications. By simply clicking any of the displayed keys on the screen when in the MousePad program window, you can type using the mouse.


No-Keys for Windows offers a virtual (on-screen) keyboard for people with limited mobility or manual dexterity. Using a mouse, you select characters from the floating keyboard palette, or select a scan mode that cycles through groups of keys. A popup option allows No-Keys to remain in front of other applications and you can use No-Keys to load other Windows programs. Detailed user help is available, making No-Keys worth considering if keyboarding poses a problem. Shareware ($25). See

SG Virtual Keyboard Easy Edit Edition

An On-Screen keyboard emulator that allows you to type into any Win 32 software application by making selections with the mouse cursor (e.g., pointing device). Shareware ($11.95). See



RoboType saves keystrokes by letting you type short abbreviations in place of longer blocks of text. A few keystrokes or mouse clicks will expand an abbreviation. RoboType stores your abbreviations and associated expansions in library files and automatically registers the document type with Explorer. Freeware. See

Shorthand 4.0

Shorthand is a typing productivity tool designed to work concurrently with a Windows word processor or text editor application. Just as a stenographer uses shorthand symbols to represent longer words or phrases, Shorthand allows you to represent words or phrases with a much shorter abbreviation or keyword. Instead of typing in the word or phrase, you type the shorter keyword and Shorthand will take care of inserting the longer word or phrase into your word processor. Shorthand is not limited to word processors. It works just as well with most Windows dialog boxes. Shorthand can be used to enter names, logins, passwords, internet addresses directly into terminal windows. Shareware ($25). See or

ShortKeysTM Lite

ShortKeys is a macro utility allowing you to setup replacement text or paragraphs for any given number of user defined keystrokes. ShortKeys monitors the keyboard activity on a global nature and anytime a user defined keystroke combination is typed in, it will be replaced with the replacement text. Shareware ($19.95). See

Word Completion / Prediction

LetMe Type

LetMeType helps you enter text. Running in the background, it analyses what you type. After some time it has collected enough information to guess a word after you have typed the first two or three letters. A list of the most probable words is displayed, and you can select one with a single keystroke or just continue typing. Shareware ($18). See

Microsoft Windows Word Completion/Prediction Information

For an in-depth discussion of word completion/prediction and a list of companies which produce word completion/prediction products, see

Screen Readers

Simply Talker 98

Simply Talker 98 is a screen reader that provides support for Windows 95 and Windows 98. It works with applications that comply with the Active Accessibility standard and has a built-in software based text to speech engine (you can also use your existing synthesizer if it supports either the SSIL or SAPI interfaces). Fully functional 30-minute demo available ($50). See

Voice Output Applications


Key2Speak allows you to hear your documents read as soon as you type them. Key2Speak lets you avoid keying errors by listening to your documents as soon as you type them, and check your spelling as you write your documents. Freeware. See

Notpad 2.4

Notpad 2.4 Notpad is designed to overcome some of the shortcomings of the Windows' Notepad text editor. Notpad has the ability to open files of any size, load and save files in various file formats, includes a spell checker, and can also "read" text files to you. Shareware ($15). See


JTS READER uses a new male speech font to read text files or text copied to the Window's clipboard. It uses the latest speech technology available - it does not require any external synthesizers or equipment, as the synthesizer is software based and uses the sound card for speech. Shareware ($21).

ReadPlease 2002

ReadPlease 2002 is an exciting updated text-to-speech application. Use to read web pages and e-mail. ReadPlease is Internet aware and will read any text file or Rich Text Format file from the Net. Features four natural human sounding voices. ReadPlease will speak any text copied to the Windows Clipboard from any Windows application. Freeware. See

Help Read (was ReadToMe)

Clipboard text will be loaded and read aloud automatically when you start the program. You may open and have files with the txt extension read aloud from inside the program. Freeware. See


ScreenReader is a text to speech package which will read text in any window based application. This is the sucessor to SuperReader. Shareware ($34.95). See

Speak Lite

Speak Lite will enable your computer to "talk to you". You can listen to your e-mails, web pages, documents, help files or anything else you copy to the clipboard. Just keep the animated character on top of your desktop and click on it whenever you want it to read, plus a new feature that allows automatic reading from the clipboard when any new text is copied to the clipboard. Speak will bring your desktop to life by telling you jokes, reminding you of your appointments or just feel tired and sleep. In addition, Speak features Voice Recognition Technology, enabling your computer to accept spoken commands. Shareware ($13.99). See

TextAloud MP3

TextAloud MP3 is the exciting new program that converts any text into spoken words and MP3 files. It resides in your Windows tray, always ready to read aloud your text from email, web pages, and documents. You can listen immediately, or save to .wav or MP3 files to hear later at your convenience. ($19.95) See


TextAssist is an easy-to-use and customizable application that converts text into speech. You can use it to read e-mail messages and text documents, recite poetry, sing songs, and make Internet chat rooms come alive. Unlike competing products, TextAssist is easy to operate and requires a minimum amount of set-up and offers several different voices that you can modify in pitch, volume, and speed. Shareware ($39.95). See

WillowTALK 2.5

WillowTALK reads, in computer voices, the text from many documents, including popular word processors, spreadsheets, Internet web browsers, Help files, and many other programs. WillowTALK automatically detects which of your open documents it can read. You just select among these documents and click the Play button to hear the text! See

WinSpeech 3.0n

This program reads-in text files and converts each word to a phonetic equivalent, producing fairly natural-sounding speech. You can control the speed at which the text is read and the volume and even add words to the dictionary. WinSpeech also supports DDE, so other Windows applications can send text to it for reading. This demo is limited to reading the first 200 words of a file each time it's run but gives a good idea of what the program can do. This update adds improved speech quality, direct reading from the Clipboard, a separate dictionary and editor, and other improvements. Shareware ($48). See

Voice Input Applications

Microsoft Speech Technology

This technology offers state-of-the-art speaker-independent continuous speech recognition. Called "Whisper", this program can be used for "command & control" or dictation application. Freeware. See


SUITEKeys is a speech user interface for motor-impaired users. It allows a user to manipulate the keyboard and mouse through speech. By modeling speech interaction at this low level it provides access to all available PC functionality. Although it may not be as effective for higher-level tasks such as dictation, it supports arbitrary alphanumeric data entry. For example, a motor-impaired student could use it to type a C++ program. It may be used together with other speech enabled applications. See

Braille Utilities

Keyboard Modifications

Keyboard Layout Manager

Keyboard Layout Manager is a program that creates and modifies Microsoft keyboard layout files. With this program you can modify your keyboard layout. It works with Windows 95, 97 and 98. Also, it works with Windows NT 4.0 and NT5.0 Beta 2. It should work with Windows 3.51, but it was not tested. It works both as a standalone program, and as a Control Panel item (Keyboard Layout Manager item in Control Panel). Shareware ($15). See http://solair.eunet.yu/~minya/Programs/klm/klm.html

Keyboard Remap (Microsoft Kernel Toys)

Take control of your Control key! (And CapsLock, too.) Envious of your friends who have the Microsoft Natural Keyboard? This Control Panel Keyboard extension lets you fight back. Freeware. See

Keyboard Remapper

Keyboard Remapper is a shareware utility that allows you to modify your keyboard as you want and to use hot keys as well. This utility is just like a wizard - you can change your current Windows layout, have much more freedom using your keyboard, use some peculiar symbols which are hard to find. Even the special keys like "Alt", "Control", "Win", "Shift" and so on can be changed. Keyboard Remapper can make a difference between the left and right "Win"-keys, for example. You may assign macros to keys as well. Shareware ($35).

KeyTick 1.0

KeyTick adds audible feedback to keyboard and mouse events. Using the controls in the main window, built-in or user-defined WAV files can be attached to specific keyboard or mouse events.

Noisy Keyboard

This free system tray-based utility lets you hear seven different types of sounds as you hunt and peck your way through another computing session: one that plays when you hit the Spacebar, another that's heard when you touch the Enter key, and a third that's played when any other key is pressed. The setup program installs the sound events in the Windows Control Panel/Sounds module, which means it's easy to modify the sounds that are placed. Take advantage of the three crisp-sounding .wavs provided, or use your own. Freeware. See


Used to make function keys do something useful. It maps them to perform shortcuts based on your favorite programs, files, and activities. See

Windows Dvorak Layout Software

Microsoft distributes Dvorak keyboard layouts that make the most frequently typed characters on a keyboard more accessible to people who have difficulty using the standard "QWERTY" layout. There are three Dvorak layouts: one for two-handed users, one for people who type only with their left hand, and one for people who type only with their right hand. The left- or right-hand keyboard layouts can also be used by people who type with a wand. See

ZDKeyMap 1.0

ZDKeyMap adds a property page to the Control Panel's Keyboard applet that lets you remap all the standard keys on your keyboard. Thus you can swap the CapsLock and Left Ctrl keys to avoid pressing CapsLock accidentally, or turn little-used keys on a notebook into other keys that the notebook may be missing. ZDKeyMap works only with standard keys; it does not support extended keys. Shareware. See

Keyboard Shortcuts

Commander 1.5

Commander for Windows 95 provides a simple way to run programs without having to search for their icons. A small window is the only interface necessary to type in a command and have a program start. Create aliases for commonly accessed programs, then simply type in the alias and the program starts. Options (mostly added in this release) include running at startup, staying on top, running hidden and having the invoked program run minimized, maximized or normal. In the spirit of Windows 95 a tray icon is available for easy access. Requires VB40032.DLL. Shareware ($5). See


KeyText 2000 can store hundreds of stock texts, ready to be typed or pasted into any application by a simple hotkey press or menu selection. Whether you type your address in online forms a few times a week, or work at a busy support desk answering e-mails, if you type the same things over and over - save time by letting KeyText 2000 do it for you. Shareware ($25). See

My Function Keys

My Function Keys is a Windows 95/98/NT utilitly that allows you to map your function keys to any type of text or user defined macros that you wish. It can be used to store commonly used phrases, standard email replies, email addresses, or even to create useful macros like setting F1 to 'Ctrl V' so you can paste with one key stroke. Shareware ($13). See

Application / Window Managers

Shove-It 1.5

A handy utility that moves your windows so that their control points are not hidden behind stay-on-top toolbars and taskbars. This should have been a feature included in Windows 95. Shareware ($15). See

WinShade 3.0

WinShade is a desktop utility that allows you to take control of your windows. Using WinShade you can assign actions to occur when you click a mouse button on the title bar of any window. The commands you can assign include minimize, maximize, "Rollup/Unroll", "Send to bottom", and "Keep on top". The "Rollup/Unroll" command allows you to "roll up" the window into its title bar, leaving only a thin horizontal window on the desktop. You can click back on the rolled-up window's title bar at any time to restore the window to its previous dimensions. The "Send to bottom" feature allows you to send any window to the bottom of the window stack, while the "Keep on top" command will make a window stay on top of all the other windows. See

WinSize v.1.6 Beta 1

A taskbar tray application for maintaining window positions. WINSIZE is a program for helping forgetful windows remember their proper position. Simply run it, and open the Windowhandler via the taskbar tray icon, and start storing those window positions. It will automatically apply these positions whenever the windows you have selected are moved or resized from their original place - It will even remeber the View settings you have chosen (Large icons, small icons, details, list) and it will also remeber whether you had the toolbar and/or statusbar on in a given window. WINSIZE can also make sure that all your windows stay on screen. See

Communication Software


SlideTalk operates as a computerized slide show. This is achieved by organizing groups of slides into Carousels. Each slide consists of a graphic file and a title, and may also include an auditory signal, a voice synthesis file(TextAssist required for voice synthesis), and a multimedia attachment, such as another sound, music, a video clip, an executable program, or even another Carousel. Shareware ($49.99). See

SpeakEasy 3.2

SpeakEasy has an input area on the screen for entering a phrase, sentence, paragraph or thesis which is to be spoken. With the touch of the enter key or by a mouse click, the text is converted to speech, and sent to a voice synthesizer which conveys the message in melliflous tones.

Pronouncements of lasting value can be saved by the program. In this way a library of prose can be developed and called upon when the appropriate occasion arises. The material can be organized by topics, such as greetings, bad jokes, political pronouncements,and requests of caregiver. The basic SpeakEasy screen displays a list of topics, and a list of phrases within those topics.

SpeakEasy V3.2 includes support for the Microsoft Speech API. This means SpeakEasy V3.2 will work with Monologue for Windows 95 or Monologue 97. SpeakEasy V3.2 should also work with any other Microsoft SAPI compatible speech engine.


Other Microsoft Windows Software Resources

For other Microsoft Windows software resources available, including the Access Pack for Windows 3.X, see (Note, all the features of the Access Pack are now built into Windows 95, so you no longer have to order the Access Pack separately.)

CD Ejector

CD Ejector makes it easy to open and close your CD-ROM drive's tray by providing an icon in the Windows 95 notofication area that, when clicked, extends and retracts your tray. Plus, moving the cursor over the icon lets you know whether a CD-ROM is in the drive or not. Shareware ($5). See

ezMorse for Windows 95/98

Morse code is one of the most efficient alternative computer access methods. EzMorse is based on a modified military morse code system where dots and dashes are combined to form codes representing all the characters on the keyboard. EzMorse is most effectively used with a dual switch where one switch enters a dot and the other, a dash. No previous knowledge of morse code is necessary to start using ezMorse: the user learns while he or she goes along. It takes the average user about four hours to memorize the codes for the alphabet. Typing speeds of up to 35 words per minute are not uncommon for morse code users.


KeyBlock is a "virtual device driver" that turns off all the System Keys in Windows 95 or NT for Kiosks and stand-alone demos so users can't muck about with the system. The basic idea is to keep people from being able to close your program, switch to other programs or generally mess things up. See

Line Drawings

Do To Learn is a site that has a data base of approximately 300 line drawings that can be downloaded to either a Mac or Windows based PC for free. These drawings or "picture cards" are very similar to those used in Boardmaker. See

Office Update File Converters and Viewers

With Office Update File Converters and Viewers, users can share documents with those who do not have Office software. This product also allows users who wish to post rich-formatted Office documents on the Internet to expand their online audience to people who might not have Office. The viewers also allow users to view and print documents created in the Microsoft Office file formats such as Word, PowerPoint and Excel, even if they do not have the full software. Users are allowed to zoom, outline, or view page layout, headers/footers, footnotes, and annotations. See for more information.

Simply Web 2000

Simply Web 2000 is an speech friendly, speech enabled accessible web browser with advance features that allow easy navigation of complex pages by blind users. Freeware. See


SpazzBar is a virtual page marker that allows users to place a horizontal bar beneath the text that they are reading. Freeware.

Special Keys Disabler

A freeware utility program that can enable and disable the special keys combinations in Windows 9x. It disables the special keys combinations like ctrl+alt+del and alt+tab. This program prevents the user to use those keys combinations permanently, thus preventing improper restarting or shutdown of the computer. Unfortunately, it also disables the windows and the menu key. See

Talking Caller ID

Talking Caller ID 32 is a shareware program that actually talks to you, telling you who is calling before you pick up the phone. The program can also notify you via pager or e-mail of calls received. There is no need to run over to your caller id display to see who is calling. Shareware ($39.95). See


TextReader is a scrolling text reader that scrolls through text and rich text files, allowing you to read through a file without having to page through the text. The default scroll rate can be set through the Scroll menu. While reading, you can change the scroll rate on the tool bar. Freeware. See

Typing program which allows magnification programs to easily track the text entry cursor

This collection of typing tutorial programs includes programs that operate in Windows as well as in DOS. TU.EXE is a DOS tutor. WINTU.EXE will work under Windows. T.EXE is a small typing timer program. More information is available at

Tweak UI 1.1 (Microsoft Power Toys)

Adjust your Windows user interface, including menu speed, window animation, and Internet Explorer. TweakUI can also be used to automatically log a user into their default network, thus assisting access technology if necessary. Freeware. See


This DOS based program runs in Windows 3.x and Windows 95 environments. It allows one to view, convert, print and save all types of common word processing file formats from Windows 3.x and Windows 95/98 - WordPerfect, Word, Ami Pro, Notepad/Wordpad,
Windows Write, ClarisWorks, etc. Shareware ($30). See

WillowPHONE 1.0

WillowPHONE is a free speakerphone that lets you make and receive telephone calls using a PC and a compatible voice-capable modem. WillowPHONE is an unsupported freeware. See

Windows 95 version B conflict with SerialKeys

See Windows 95 version B conflict with Serial Keys for more information.


This freeware program (copyright Toby Churchill Ltd) has been made available for free use. It was developed to overcome difficulties that have been experienced with the Accessibiliy Options Serial Keys funcionality in Windows 95 and 98. It will work under Windows 95, 98 and NT and on networked computers.

See for more information.

WinZip 7.0

Decompresses many file types. Shareware. See